Last week, work started on the home of the future in Henderson, NV. No, it’s not the Jetsons coming to town; but the creation of renowned Las Vegas home design studio and top-end builder Livv and signals a paradigm shift in the way luxury living is conceived and experienced.

The company is the first in the world to offer net-zero, sustainable, affordable, and next-gen intelligent luxury in an elegant and tightly integrated package that bristles with both smart technology and timeless style. Moreover, Livv homes are highly customizable with distinct models, floor plans, and interior decoration styles that fit any lifestyle.

In a global first, Henderson’s glamorous Southern Highlands will host a community of just 84 exclusive homes that – by right – herald the dawn of a new era in luxury living. For the first time ever, a home has been designed – and is being built – that is truly intelligent in a way that approximates magic.

Livv homes are built around an AI-powered (artificial intelligence) integrated system that unifies automated functions. With a layer of machine learning, this system becomes intelligent, sensing the occupants’ individual preferences and adjusting the home’s settings accordingly, taking into consideration externalities such as season, time of day, and weather conditions among others.

In addition to offering a never-before-seen or -experienced level of automation, Livv homes have also squared and solved the conundrum long plaguing the luxury home industry: how to build a palace-like mansion without unduly taxing the natural environment.

The first of 84 Livv homes now being built in Henderson is rigorously net-zero. In fact, the home is designed to produce more energy than it consumes, saving the excess in Tesla Powerwall batteries for later use. The entire construction process has been made sustainable as well, generating a minimum of waste and using materials, techniques, and practices chosen for their minimal impact on the environment.

Livv homes are designed (and built) from the ground up to meet the strictest sustainability standards. Yet, Livv homes do not ever sacrifice on comfort, style, and luxury. This no-compromise design philosophy has already upended the industry with a redefinition of its best practices – often not updated for a generation or longer.

The contours of this revolutionary concept are now taking a tangible shape in Henderson. The first Livv home now under construction is part of NEO – a brand new development of just 84 lots, each offering unobstructed views of the surrounding area, including the iconic Las Vegas skyline (including The Strip), its mountain backdrop, and the adjacent golf courses and desertscapes.

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