Machine learning and its associated feedback loops turn mere smarts into true intelligence – or the ability to acquire knowledge and deploy that to frame and form future decisions. Thus far, home automation, aka ‘domotics’, has been limited to individual human-programmable devices (from, say, garage doors to curtains, air conditioning, and coffeemakers) that – at most – may be collectively controlled by an app running on a tablet or a mobile phone.

This is smart but still far from intelligent. Though networked, devices remain largely unaware of each other’s existence and, thus, unable to dynamically respond to data gathered across the network.

Proprietary research, out-of-the-box thinking, and a complete redesign of system philosophy – plus the judicious application of artificial intelligence – have allowed Las Vegas-based luxury home designer and builder LIVV to find and claim the holy grail of home automation: a unified, coherent, and self-adjusting system with situational awareness that auto-programs its settings and dynamically responds to changes and user-preferences within the home environment.

The LIVV intelligent home uses sensors and machine learning algorithms to shape and reshape spaces and optimize the entire domestic environment to match the learned routines, preferences, and lifestyles of the home’s occupants. This way, LIVV homes are continuously being personalized to suit individual régimes or specific events – both one-off and recurring.

The LIVV intelligent home delivers the touch of magic that had been missing in home automation and, as such, represents a quantum leap in technology comparable to moving from a brick cellphone to the latest technological hand-held marvel produced by Big Tech.

LIVV intelligence not only relieves families of repetitive domestic chores but also enhances security and promotes a healthy indoor environment. Optimum air quality is maintained in real time with pollutants, irritants, and allergens detected and removed instantly using an array of sensors to monitor for their presence.

Moreover, the state-of-the-art air purification system, deeply integrated into the overall LIVV intelligent home, automatically adjusts its responses to a host of outside environmental factors such as seasonal and daily weather conditions and the presence of noxious emissions from the burning of fossil fuels, wildfires, microbial decaying, construction activity, etc.

Recognizing that technology is never static but tends to evolve rather rapidly with the passage of time, LIVV has designed its intelligent home in a way that allows for continuous updating and expansion. New features may be added with relative ease and already incorporated ones can be upgraded. Thanks to built-in machine learning – the ability of a given system to learn and adapt without explicit user input, the performance of any LIVV intelligent home improves over time as the system acquires, analyzes, and infers conclusions from behavioral patterns obtained and recorded.

LIVV home intelligence is, however, not limited to next-gen tech wizardry but also encompasses a full suite of sustainability standards that ensure a diminutive environmental footprint both during construction and continued use. Net-zero by design and drawing inspiration from the surrounding nature, LIVV remains thoroughly human-centric and can offer a unique value proposition: no-compromise luxury living without taxing the planet or adding to its degradation. It’s the LIVV Lifestyle: Responsible, Reactive, Refined, and Ready for tomorrow.

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