In a surprise move sure to cause major ripples at the top end of the Vegas real estate market, local developer LIVV introduced a Lite Edition of its already well-established lineup of net-zero custom luxury homes which will henceforward continue as LIVV Bespoke Edition. In the process, the company slashed its prices to just under an entry-level friendly $1.2 million, excluding the land premium. With its Lite Edition, LIVV significantly broadens its target demographic.
Remarkably, there are no glaringly obvious differences between the Lite and Bespoke Editions. Design, size, and looks remain the same across both lines as do the amazing panoramic views on full display at NEO, LIVV’s first fully sustainable luxury community built around net-zero technology.
For an explanation of the huge price drop celebrated with the Lite Edition, prospective buyers need to dig deeper. Though of similar durability, the materials Lite employs for its interior finishes are a bit more economical than the almost over-the-top exquisite woods and marble found in LIVV Bespoke. Other differences are easier to spot. With Lite, landscaping is largely left to the new owner who may also want to opt for additional kitchen appliances. Though Lite comes with the basics, buyers in this segment may likely want some extras.
LIVV made a big splash with the introduction of its Lite Edition, expanding its already formidable leading edge over its competition. Pointedly and remarkably, Lite includes the exact same home intelligence as Bespoke. Both versions feature a magic-like home automation environment that adjusts its many parameters to match the preferences of the home’s occupants.
The state-of-the-art system, developed inhouse and driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, is the first in the world to offer a seamless integration of all elements of home automation. By saving a full complement of automatically generated settings for future use, the LIVV intelligent home becomes highly responsive and can even anticipate individual needs. It does so dynamically with only a minimum of user input.
LIVV Lite Edition is available at both NEO and Magnus, the two master-planned communities the company is currently developing in Henderson’s Southern Highlands and Enterprise. Like its homes, LIVV communities also deploy AI to vastly streamline, simplify, and improve the residents’ access to and use of services and facilities.
According the LIVV Sales Director Steve Escalante there is quite simply no better deal available in the upper echelons of the Vegas real estate market: “The price is not just sharp but truly unbelievable and represents a value proposition second to none. You can now get it all for much less.”

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