Monthly Archives: October 2022

The LIVV Magic Your Next Home at Your Beck and Call

It nothing less than magic. Just imagine: a home that senses and anticipates your needs and adjusts to indoor and outdoor conditions. All that with the bare minimum of user input – if any at all.The magic of a LIVV home stems from the judicious application of both artificial intelligence and machine learning. By analyzing individual habits and preferences, a…

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Euro Chic: LIVV Adds New World Flair to Old World Charm Interior Designers Reinterpret Well-Established Tradition

LIVV Euro Chic matches style to substance with a subtle yet distinct touch of class. A fascinating juxtaposition of vintage and modern, Euro Chic adds elements of modern esthetics to architectural details that evoke Old World charm. The contemporary dimension may be represented by something as simple as a piece of abstract art or a geometric fixture.Rich details such as…

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