LIVV Euro Chic matches style to substance with a subtle yet distinct touch of class. A fascinating juxtaposition of vintage and modern, Euro Chic adds elements of modern esthetics to architectural details that evoke Old World charm. The contemporary dimension may be represented by something as simple as a piece of abstract art or a geometric fixture.
Rich details such as elaborate crown moldings or discreet patterns adorning pastel colored wall complement with modern furnishings to create a harmonious ensemble that welcomes and surprises through contrast. Marble is used extensively to add a measure of gravitas and pull the design elements together.
Rather than assaulting the senses, Euro Chic’s colors and patterns excel in soft hues that offer both solace and comfort. The Old World is, of course, all about a sense of understatement. Opulence, though abundantly present, is implied rather than stated. The essence of Euro Chic is simplicity as an expression – and instrument – of sophistication.
The LIVV interpretation of Euro Chic smartly uses the already oversized floor plans of its smart luxury homes to add yet more space through colors and patterns while preserving the coherence of the interior as well as its natural flow. LIVV homes are characterized by an open and borderless design which seeks to reduce, or even eliminate, hard borders between different indoor and outdoor spaces without affecting their functionality or character. LIVV Euro Chic builds and amplifies this in ways that are, quite frankly, delightful to the senses.
An important, if not indispensable, element of Euro Chic is the use of quirky elements, seemingly out of place, that hint at worldliness and refined taste. This can be as simple as a zebra or leopard pattern that would look possibly vulgar in any other setting but somehow manages to pull the ensemble together and provide a sense of coherence. It is herein that lies the challenge to interior designers: to tread a fine line between the useful and permissible on the one hand and the over-the-top on the other.
It is here that LIVV interior architects excelled in the design brief. Their take on Euro Chic is firmly rooted in the European tradition – eclectic but only to a point – while exploring new directions that add warmth, charm, and elegance to the style.
Due to the diverse nature of Europe, ranging from the austere Nordic to the exuberant Mediterranean styles, continentals are exceptionally skilled in combining influences. This has resulted in a distinctly European home with Euro Chic taking the contours of a standalone style which combines neutral colors with a theme through accent furniture or décor.
LIVV Euro Chic adds to the tradition by supplementing old world charm with new world functionality. The Euro Chic character dominates but does not detract from the create comfort luxury and convenience that LIVV is well known and celebrated for.

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