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First Livv home started in Henderson

Last week, work started on the home of the future in Henderson, NV. No, it’s not the Jetsons coming to town; but the creation of renowned Las Vegas home design studio and top-end builder Livv and signals a paradigm shift in the way luxury living is conceived and experienced. The company is the first in the world to offer net-zero,…

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Your home and its smart environment

Machine learning and its associated feedback loops turn mere smarts into true intelligence – or the ability to acquire knowledge and deploy that to frame and form future decisions. Thus far, home automation, aka ‘domotics’, has been limited to individual human-programmable devices (from, say, garage doors to curtains, air conditioning, and coffeemakers) that – at most – may be collectively…

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Euro Chic: LIVV Adds New World Flair to Old World Charm Interior Designers Reinterpret Well-Established Tradition

LIVV Euro Chic matches style to substance with a subtle yet distinct touch of class. A fascinating juxtaposition of vintage and modern, Euro Chic adds elements of modern esthetics to architectural details that evoke Old World charm. The contemporary dimension may be represented by something as simple as a piece of abstract art or a geometric fixture.Rich details such as…

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